Area Guide

Although Cornwall is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country with countless beaches and coves to enjoy, there is also a rich and diverse history to discover, of which the Cornish are justly proud.

Farming and fishing are still very important, but as you travel around, you will probably see evidence of some of Cornwall’s industrial and mining heritage in the form of disused engine houses, some with their huge chimneys still intact. You might also see standing stones and other relics of the people who lived here thousands of years ago. Smugglers and wreckers also have their place in Cornish history, while according to legend, King Arthur had his Camelot at Tintagel and giants and piskies (or pixies, as they’re known in England) were said to be commonplace!

Cornwall also has many first class attractions, the most notable being the Eden Project, to which any visit to Cornwall would be incomplete without experiencing the amazing biomes. They also have an excellent summer season of top bands playing in the evenings.